Xcode Open Source Források

1. AlienBlue – A feature rich Reddit client for iPhone and iPad. (iTunes link) (source code)

2. AntiMapLog – An app for recording your own data (location, time, etc.) over a period of time. (iTunes link) (source code)

3. AnyPic – An app for recording your own data (location, time, etc.) over a period of time. (iTunes link) (source code)

4. AppSlate – An app that allows you to create other apps that run within the AppSlate. (iTunes link) (source code)

5. audioGraph – An audio processing graph demonstration app. (iTunes link) (source code)

6. Bancha – An app for managing websites powered by the Bancha CMS. (iTunes link) (source code)

7. Barcode Scanner – An example app that is part of the Zxing barcode reader project. (iTunes link) (source code)

8. Battle For Wesnoth – Fantasy themed turn based tactical RPG game available on several platforms and now the iPhone/iPad.  (iTunes link) (source code)

9. Bubbsy – Cocos2D based game using Box2D fixes and Tiled level creation.  Unique license see source code page. (iTunes link) (source code)

10. Camlingual – App that can read and translate signs using sophisticated OCR.  (iTunes link) (source code)

11. Canabalt – Popular run and jump type game. (iTunes link) (source code)

12. Chat Secure – An instant messaging application supporting the Xmpp (Google Talk, Jabber) /Oskar (Aim) protocols. (iTunes link) (source code)

13. Cheddar – A to do list app featuring syncing between multiple devices. (iTunes link) (source code)

14. Climbers – 2D finger dragging climbing game created with Cocos2D.(iTunes link) (source code)

15. Colloquy – Conversion of the most popular Mac IRC client to the iPhone.(iTunes link) (source code)

16. ComicFlow – Beautiful comic book reader for iPad. (iTunes link) (source code)

17. Countitout – A generic counting app. (iTunes link) (source code)

18. Desktop Web Analytics – An app for displaying Piwik web analytics data built with AS3/Air. (iTunes link) (source code)

19. Diceshaker – Dice rolling simulator designed for role-playing game enthusiasts. (iTunes link) (source code)

20. Dollar Bets – App for recording personal bets placed with your friends. (iTunes link) (source code)

21Doom Classic – Classic 3D first person shooter. (iTunes link) (source code)

22Doppio – Classic 3D first person shooter. (iTunes link) (source code)

23. Dozuki – Interactive repair manual app from the guys at iFixit. (iTunes link) (source code)

24. Ecological Footprint – Calculate, display, and record your ecological footprint. (iTunes link) (source code)

25. Edgy – App for demonstrating the basics of OpenCV and the iPhone. (iTunes link) (source code)

26. Edhita – iPad text editor with file transfer support and browser previewing. (iTunes link) (source code)

27. Fresh Food Finder – App for finding locally grown food built with Phonegap/Cordova. (iTunes link) (source code)

28. Freshbooks – Open Source iPhone app that enables usage of Freshbooks web invoicing software from your iPhone. (iTunes link) (source code)

29. Frotz – Open Source interactive fiction app with support for the Z-machine format. (iTunes link) (source code)

30. Gas Guide – Guides for helping medical students study built from the Gas guide source. (iTunes link) (source code)

31. Gorillas – Classic Worms/iShoot turn based shooter type game converted to iPhone from basic. Utilizes Cocos2D. (iTunes link) (source code).

32. Greek Interlinear Bible – An app for helping study ofthe original new Testament Greek bible . (iTunes link) (source code).

33. Hacker news Client – An app for helping study ofthe original new Testament Greek bible . (iTunes link) (source code).

34. Heredox – Tile based game featuring multiplayer created with Cocos2D. (iTunes link) (source code).

35. HoxChess – A Xiangqi (chinese chess) game. (iTunes link) (source code)

36. iLabyrinth – Puzzle game written in Cocos2D requiring you to navigate through increasingly difficult labyrinths. (iTunes link) (source code)

37. Inkpad – A full featured vector based drawing app. (iTunes link) (source code)

38. iStrobe – Turns the iPhone 4 flash into a highly configurable strobe light.(iTunes link) (source code)

39. iWVU – Official iPhone application of West Virginia University. (iTunes link) (source code)

40. Last.fm – Software that enables usage of the Last.fm platform for personal radio stations. (iTunes link) (source code)

41. Little Go – An iOS version of the game of Go featuring a tough AI opponent. (iTunes link) (source code)

42. Mapbox Earth – An app for generating and storing passwords. (iTunes link) (source code)

43. Master Password – An app for generating and storing passwords. (iTunes link) (source code)

44. Mobilesynth – A monophonic synthesizer designed for live performance. (iTunes link) (source code)

45. Molecules – Allows you to view 3D models of molecules and manipulate them through touch. (iTunes link) (source code)

46. Mover – Allows you to transfer stuff from one iPhone to another by “flicking” it to the other device. (iTunes link) (source code)

47. Mugician – iPad music synthesis app being used by various musicians in real life gigs. (iTunes link) (source code)

48. Natsulion – A basic twitter client converted from mac. (iTunes link) (source code)

49. Next Airport – A navigation and weather utility app built with Red Foundry. (iTunes link) (source code)

50. News:yc – A hacker news client. (iTunes link) (source code)

51. Packlog – Backpack journal client. (iTunes link) (source code)

52. PlainNote – Simple Open Source Notepad. (iTunes link) (source code)

53. Pw Safe – Password manager that works across multiple platforms. (iTunes link) (source code)

54. Quickbright – Simple app for setting the brightness for your iPhone quickly and easily. (iTunes link) (source code)

55. RPI Shuttle Tracker – App for tracking bus positions around the RPI campus. (iTunes link) (source code)

56. Sage Math – Interface to the sage computer algebra system. (itunes link) (source code)

57. Sign Plus – App for turning iPad into a digital sign. (itunes link) (source code)

58. SpaceBubble – Space game featuring core graphics, and accelerometer usage. (itunes link) (source code)

59. SparkleShare – Client for the DropBox like SparkleShare file storage service. (itunes link) (source code)

60. Stockfish Chess – A chess game featuring extremely effective AI . (itunes link) (source code)

61. Sudoku Resolv  – Sudoku solving app using computer vision. (itunes link) (source code)

62. Sugar on Pancake  – An iOS client for SugarCRM. (itunes link) (source code)

63. Task Coach – Personal to-do list and task manager. (itunes link) (source code)

64. The White House – Official app for the White House. (itunes link) (source code)

65. Travel Advice UK – App featuring worldwide travel advice provided by the UK Governemnt. (itunes link) (source code)

66. Tweedie – A twitter iPad client created using HTML5 and Phonegap (Cordova). (itunes link) (source code)

67. Tweejump – Platform jumping game inspired by Icy Tower. Utilizes Cocos2D. (itunes link) (source code)

68. Tweetee – Enhanced version of the Natsulion Twitter Client. (itunes link) (source code)

69. Tweetero – Basic twitter client with image uploading. (itunes link) (source code)

70. Vim – The classic highly configurable UNIX text editor ported to iOS. (itunes link) (source code)

71. ViralFire – Unique game where you are a dodging blood cell. (source code)

72. Warped AR – An augmented reality app created using Appcelerator Titanium. (itunes link) (source code)

73. Wikihow – A reader app for the popular how to wiki site. (itunes link) (source code)

74. Wikipedia – Official Wikipedia app for iOS devices. (itunes link) (source code)

75. Wizard War – Fighting game created using Cocos2D and ReactiveCocoa. (itunes link) (source code)

76. Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum – If you haven’t heard of Wolfenstein post below so we can say a prayer for you. (itunes link) (source code)

77. WordPress – Client for managing WordPress blogs. Also has an iPad version. (itunes link) (source code)

78. Xpilot – Simple massively multiplayer arcade shooter from the early days of the internet. (itunes link) (source code)

79. YourRights – Pocket database containing a summary of your legal rights.(itunes link) (source code)

80. ZBar – A barcode reader open source iphone app. (itunes link) (source code)